About Me

Graham Voller

Painter /Writer


D.G. (Graham) Voller

I am most recently continuing an extended, multiple series of works on both Xuan rice paper and oil on canvas. My sizes are for the most part between 50 x 60 cm. and 60 x 90 cm.

The simplicity, subtly and raw expressive power of traditional sumi-e ink wash painting matched with the receptivity and longevity of Yulong and Xuan paper are of enduring interest to me. This has led me to work with oil glazes on canvas with a similar fluidity of expression.

John’s gospel is an inspiration to me for both the ‘Vine’ and the “Shadows of the Cross’ series.


‘The Floating World” is allegorical in both its literary and visual story. Containing 84 paintings and written in 2020. Published by Tablo Publishing, Melbourne.

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gvoller@gmail.com. grahamvoller on instagram

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